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Meet the Staff

Melissa West OWNER


As a young girl, I was always determined to live my dreams and enjoy life. After high school, I decided to further my education and go to college to pursue my degree in Business Administration with a concentrated effort in Operational Management.

After college, I started seeking out a better, more "feel good" life for myself, and my daughter. This led me to seek out positive things like emerging myself into motivational speeches, seminars, self-growth books, and more positive people. That shift gave me the mental resource which helped me live a more positive life. After learning that being positive affects every aspect of your life, including getting ahead in life, I began to ask myself a question. "How can I change the world in a way that benefits society?" The answer became clearer once the question shifted to, "What if I can help children at an early age learn how to have a more rich life, through positive learning and becoming better leaders?" That question ignited a pivotal change in my life. So, I decided to resign from my job as a manager for JB Hunt and start a home daycare. I named it Positive Kids Positive Futures Learning Academy Inc., "Where How Your Child Starts Out Matters!" I Initially started the academy in my home to test it, and ultimately developed a love for it. I saw all the children in my care truly grow from the positive teachings and great curriculum my staff and I instilled in them. This then motivated me to take it a step further and propelled me to move forward with my Daycare Center.

My vision is to empower children with techniques early on, by teaching them how to build confidence and leadership skills through powerful daily affirmations and gratitude practices. Daily affirmations and gratitude practices
unlimited growth into their little minds and on into their future. We teach these tools along with an innovative learning curriculum that covers:


Early Math, Science, Colors, Shapes and Early Spanish Language Development.


Over the years, my love for Positive Kids Positive Futures (PKPF) has grown into a passion. Our Staff share the same passion and love for children and have the experience in teaching which ensures that your child or children reach their full potential by shaping their minds for their best selves in the future.

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